God knows…

God knows…

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Sing yourself songs of love.

Heal your heart with your own loving touch.

Gather the broken pieces of yourself

and stitch them with kindness.

Let the fragrance of love walk with you and let benevolence enter with every breath.

My forever🌹

A few years weren’t enough to love you.

We deserve more, more than a lifetime.

Your beauty had no boundaries and I’m sure than it has enhanced.

The smiles you shared are everlasting.

On an infinite land of beautiful gardens we’ll embrace each other, God willingly!

How do we celebrate happiness without the person who would be the happiest in our happiness?

This world is so cruel sometimes. It breaks my heart when I don’t see him around. But it is his love that shines through the cracks of the broken heart, his smile is still the healing balm that gives us the courage to move forward with hope.

Won’t you fix me?

Looked and pondered upon the lines of my hands

Trying to see which line has come to an end.

I could not find one.

Now I know that you were not on the broken lines but on the heart.

It was you who kept it altogether. ♥️

A call

Come my love come back to me
For the time of fall has left behind.A9D908EF-C99A-407F-A55F-71B53EBEF64C.png
Come my love, come back to us
For the withered hearts need to be alive.
Come my love come back to life
For my heart that longs for your euphoric voice.
Come my love come back to life
As to fill this darkness with your light.
Come my love come back to home
’cause people you love need to quench their thirst.
Come my love come back to life
To bring you back spring has arrived!

Where do I find you?

Every time when I sleep
I see you alive there in my dream,
Giving me love that I have always wanted,
Spreading your magic in my dream world.
The real nightmare begins when I open my eyes.
The real heart ache starts when I don’t see you beside.
Whenever I go out I look for you
But Alas! I fail every time.
I know that you are gone
but my heart still denies,
My eyes look for you everywhere.
Look how unfortunate am I
that I don’t see you with my eyes
’cause now our meeting place is in the dark but still in the light